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Little Tigers Cheerleading Uniform Care

Cleaning Care for Shells & Skirts

Treat stains prior to washing.
Wash shell and skirt regularly in cold water.
Turn shell and skirt inside out prior to washing.
Wash shell and skirt separately from other clothing.
DO NOT use bleach on shell or skirt!
For ink stains, spray hairspray on the stain and let sit. Then wash in cold water.
Allow uniform to air dry. DO NOT PUT IN DRYER!

Additional Uniform Notes

Cheerleaders should wear LTF-issued practice T-shirts, black shorts and tennis shoes to practice.

Please send a water bottle with your child!

For games, cheerleaders need short white socks, white tennis shoes, LTF-issued hair bow, and cheer uniform. On cooler days, cheerleaders may wear long-sleeved shirts and leggings under their uniform. Ask your coach if black or white is preferred.

Sideline Cheers


We communicate through TeamSnap.  Once you register, you will be able to access your child’s information through the TeamSnap app.  Please make sure to download the app to your phone or mobile device.  You may also access it at


Download a copy:


What do I really need? Expand

• White sneakers and socks
• Black shorts for practice

What is beneficial to have? Expand • In cold weather, cheerleaders will need to wear long sleeve shirts and pants under their uniform. Gloves and hats are also beneficial. We have a great selection of Tiger merchandise that you may choose to purchase, but it is not necessary.
• A sturdy water bottle. Practices in August and games in September can be very hot. What is provided with the uniform? Expand • Cheerleaders will receive a cheerleading uniform (shell and skirt), briefs, hair bow, poms & practice T-shirt. The uniform (shell & skirt) and poms must be returned at the end of the season in good condition in order to have your deposit returned. Uniform shell and skirt must be washed in cold water on the delicate cycle and laid out to dry.
• An additional practice shirt may be purchased at the merchandise table. Practice Expand Cheer practice will be held on the soccer fields next to the LTF fields behind Edwardsville High School
Prior to team splits, your cheerleader should report to the sign representing their appropriate age group. After team splits, your squad will be assigned a field location.
You must sign in your cheerleader and list a phone number at EVERY PRACTICE.
Cheerleaders must be picked up at the same location where they reported; they will not be allowed to leave the field without you.
Cheerleaders should be ready and on the field 10 minutes prior to the start of practice. Allow time for parking. Warm-ups start promptly at practice time.
Ensure your cheerleader uses the bathroom before practice.
Additional practices/Alternate days – Rarely, practices may change date, time or location due to school conflict, prediction of poor weather or other factors determined by your coaching staff. Your coach or squad manager will relay that information to you. All league changes will be emailed and posted to website. Games Expand PARENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON THE FIELD AT ANY TIME; THIS INCLUDES BEING IN THE END ZONE AT HALF TIME. If you would like to be on the field, please consider joining our coaching staff!
Game schedules will be decided by the Tri-County Football League, the week before games start. Field locations are in Teamsnap and on our website. Teams Expand Cheer squads will be divided as soon as possible after football teams are divided in August.
All efforts will be made to honor peer, team and coach requests, but requests are not guaranteed. Volunteer Requirements Expand Each family is required to complete a minimum of 6 hours of volunteer work for the club.
A minimum of 2 hours per family must be completed in the concession stand.
Other opportunities are chain gang, taking pictures at games, video taping games, announcing games, writing game summaries for the newspaper, tracking play counts, working at or setting up special events such as weigh in, Friday Night Lights, Orange and Black Scrimmage, Tiger Time Out and Cheer Fest.
These will be coordinated and tracked by your team manager.
Failure to complete your volunteer hours will result the loss of your $100 preseason deposit.
Volunteer opportunities will be communicated and coordinated through your team manager. Once the teams are split for the season your team will be assigned a team manager. Additional opportunities may arise throughout the season from the club as a whole, not just your team. Summary of Events Expand


Cheerleader will be sized for uniform if attending registration.
July Equipment pick up, cheerleader must be present for final sizing.
August Practice will be Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00pm until 7:30pm and Saturday from 8:00am until 9:30am.
Friday Night Lights is our pep rally where team and squad assignments will be announced. This typically happens on the second or third Friday in August. Fun for the entire family!
Orange & Black Scrimmage at the Edwardsville High School football field typically happens the third or fourth Friday in August. This will be the first opportunity to see your cheerleader in full uniform during a game situation. There will be scrimmage matches between each LTF age division, the middle schools and the high school teams.
Team pictures are usually taken the last week of August during a scheduled practice time. Cheerleaders will then practice in their uniform.
Girls’ Night In is typically held in late August and is a just-for-fun event for our cheerleaders and coaches.
September-October No practice for cheer squads.
Cheerfest practices will be not be held due to COVID-19 impact.
Games begin! There are a total of 9 regular season games played once weekly on Saturday or Sunday, though some teams may have a bye week. Playoffs begin immediately following the regular season.
Tiger Time Out is a fun adults-only event. This year we will have Glo Bingo in September. Games continue; no practice for cheer squads.
Cheerfest practices will be on Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00pm until 7:30pm through competition in mid-October.
LTF will participate in the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. The players and cheerleaders will be allowed to accessorize their uniform with club-approved pink items during this month. Details about such items will come out in September.
Homecoming Parade is usually on a Wednesday evening.
Edwardsville Halloween Parade, cheerleaders will ride on a float.
November Regular season games will conclude the first weekend of November.
Teams that qualify will begin playoffs the second weekend of November. Winning teams will progress through the Championship game (Superbowl) held on the third weekend of November.
Uniform and equipment collection will begin immediately following regular season games. Normally, these are scheduled during playoff practice times.
December Each squad will have their End of Year Banquet with their football team.
All participants that qualify will be awarded the Little Tigers Scholar Athlete Award during the banquet. To qualify, the first quarter grades must be submitted to the squad manager. Anyone with at least a 3.0 grade point average will receive this award. Cheerleaders in kindergarten, 1st or 2ndgrade need to submit a report card showing at least satisfactory achievement since it is impossible to calculate GPA for them. Code of Conduct Expand ALL PARTICIPANTS AND PARENTS HAVE SIGNED A WAIVER STATING THE CLUB’S EXPECTATIONS. You are responsible for ensuring that you have full understanding of this waiver.
Support your child, no coaching from the sideline.
Adhere to our code of conduct to create a fun and positive environment. Set a good example for the kids.
No use of profanity, screaming at other cheerleading/football teams or their fans, or other unsportsmanlike conduct allowed.
Fighting in the stands is not tolerated and will result in you being asked to leave and not attend future games.
Complaints/Resolution of Issues – Concerns should first go through your head coach. If the problem remains unresolved, the head coach and Cheer Director will attempt to reach a resolution. Any issue that continues to remain unresolved will be brought to the full Board of Directors. Policies for Tiger Country Expand No parking in the grass or next to the curb on Tiger Drive. This applies to all practices and games. Please use the parking lot on the west side or parking spaces on the east side of Edwardsville High School.
We are on District 7 property, please abide by the following guidelines:
Pick up your trash. It is our responsibility to leave the fields in the same or better condition than we receive them.
No tobacco products including cigarettes and electronic cigarettes.
No drugs or alcohol.
No pets. Additional Information Expand LTF is a volunteer-run organization. We are only as good as our volunteers and we appreciate all help! Please consider coaching, joining a committee or asking your coach for other opportunities.
It is encouraged to take your cheerleader to EHS football games. Cheerleaders wearing their uniform will get free admission to regular season games. All in attendance at playoff games will be charged the regular admission price per IHSA rules. We ask that you emphasize to your cheerleader that anytime that they wear their uniform; they are representing LTF and should conduct themselves accordingly.
Football is played in all weather conditions excluding lightning and heavy rain/snow. You should prepare yourself and your cheerleader for the variety of playing conditions that they will encounter. August and September can be very hot; October and November can be very cold. Also, you will most likely participate in a game and/or practice in the rain at some point during the season. Please ensure your child is always hydrated and dressed for the elements.
Your team will be assigned a squad manager who will help you with most questions throughout the season. Make sure that your contact information is current. You will receive at least one email per week from them that contains information such as game time, game location, arrival time and volunteers for the week. It is important to check your email for updates from the club and your squad manager frequently.
We will have first aid at each practice located in or near the equipment room. Injuries and minor health issues will be referred to first aid &/or to Red Cross CPR & First Aid Certified coaches.
The concession stand will be open during practices and games. There will be some type of grill item in addition to drinks, nachos, chips and candy offered on most nights.
Check the website for updates,
Questions to the club can be addressed to