Little Tigers uses TeamSnap for our club communication.  Emails, text messages and website updates are ran through TeamSnap.

Here are some tips for making TeamSnap work for you.

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Adding Text Messaging and Alerts to Your Account

The Nuts and Bolts of the Messaging Feature
by Jenn | May 9, 2016 | Category: Messages

Messaging your team is super easy with TeamSnap. Rather than choosing what kind of alert you want to send out to the team (and trying to figure out who gets what kind of alert), you can simply send out one message to your whole team. Depending on their preferences, they’ll receive that message as a push notification, a text message or an email.

Messaging has been a fan favorite for online sports managers and team owners alike. Having the ability to send a last minute blast to the team alerting them of a schedule change or cancellation has proven vital and saved many soccer moms a wasted trip to the local practice field!

Push Notifications/Alerts

To enable alerts on your iOS mobile device, go to your phone settings and check the list of apps until you find TeamSnap. Tap it, then look for a menu item labeled “Notifications.” Turn the “Allow Notifications” setting on, and then feel free to customize them further. Now, whenever you receive alerts through TeamSnap, you’ll notice a little red badge on the TeamSnap app. Note: You’ll only see the red badge icon when you receive an alert. You won’t see a red badge for score updates or new email messages.


Enabling text messages:

If you’d prefer to receive text messages over push notifications, that can only happen currently if you turn off all push notifications (including those for game updates, etc). If this is what you would like, go into the Settings on your phone and turn off push notifications for TeamSnap.

After you’ve done that, each player needs to enable text messaging on their Player Profile page and select their phone provider. To do so, simply go to the Roster Tab and click on your name. This will take you to your Player Profile page where you can select the “edit” option to update or change your information.

How text messages work:


Our text functionality is currently a true one-way SMS system. Please note: TeamSnap texts cannot accept direct replies. The number of the ‘sender’ is included at the end of the text. Please use this number to generate a direct text for replies.

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