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We will be posting the link to sign up for your individual team volunteer needs here also.

These are things such as chain gang, concessions, drinks/snacks (if your team does them), newspaper articles, etc.

These links will also be available on your team's homepage in teamsnap and from your team manager.

Concession, chain gang and any other home game related item will be posted as soon as schedule become available.

Little Tigers is a Volunteer Organization.

At Equipment Handout you will be required to leave a $100 deposit. If all volunteer requirements are complete and uniforms are returned your deposit will be returned to you at the end of the season.

Deposits may be held with a personal check. LTF will not cash the check unless the above requirements are to fulfilled by the conclusion of the season.

Volunteer Requirements

• Each family is required to complete a minimum of 6 hours of volunteer work for the club.
• A minimum of 2 hours per family must be completed in the concession stand.
• Other opportunities are chain gang, taking pictures at games, video taping games, announcing games, writing game summaries for the newspaper, tracking play counts, working at or setting up special events such as weigh in, Friday Night Lights, Orange and Black Scrimmage, Tiger Time Out and Cheer Fest.
• These will be coordinated and tracked by your team manager.
• Failure to complete your volunteer hours will result the loss of your $100 preseason deposit.
• Volunteer opportunities will be communicated and coordinated through your team manager. Once the teams are split for the season your team will be assigned a team manager. Additional opportunities may arise throughout the season from the club as a whole, not just your team.

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