In Person Registration - May 1st & May 21st
Football Mini Camp - May 15th


Mini Camp for Football - June 25th
Mini Camp for Cheer - June 25th


Equipment pick up -- player must be present (Please bring a $100 deposit -- cash or check!)
Practices BEGIN!!!


Tuesday (6PM-8PM; 6-7:30 Tykes)
Wednesday (6PM-8PM; 6-7:30 Tykes)
Thursday (6PM-8PM; 6-7:30 Tykes)
Saturday (8AM-10AM) Practice (Some teams will chose to discontinue Wednesday night practice once school begins).

Friday Night Lights
Typically the second or third Friday in August
Fun family pep rally
This is open to the entire family. Teams will be announced at this time.

Orange and Black Scrimmage
Typically the third or fourth Friday in August
This will be the first opportunity to see your player in their full uniform and playing a game situation. This will take place on the High School field. There will be scrimmage matches between each Little Tigers age division, the middle schools, and all the high school teams.

Official Weigh In
Each football player must attend an official weigh in that is conducted by Tri County Football.
Typically, this is on the third or fourth Saturday in August and takes place at the high school wrestling center after Saturday morning practice.

ANY PLAYER NOT ATTENDING THIS DAY MUST ATTEND THE MAKE UP SESSION (usually on a week night in Belleville). Failure to make an official weigh in makes the player ineligible to participate.


Games begin
There will be 9 games (some teams may have a bye week).
Games will be played on Saturday or Sunday
We are a member of Tri-County Football League.
This is a competitive league, but all kids will play at least 8 plays per game.

Annual Tiger Fundraiser
This is our main fundraiser of the year. It is a fun, adult only event.


Little Tigers will participate in the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. The football players and cheerleaders will be allowed to accessorize the uniform with “pink items” during this month. Details about such items will come out in September.

EHS Homecoming Parade
Little Tigers participates in the high school homecoming parade. This is usually on a Wednesday evening. We will attempt to get as many kids on trailers as possible.
Halloween Parade
Little Tigers participates in the Annual Edwardsville Halloween Parade.


Games will conclude the first weekend of November.
Teams that qualify will begin playoffs the second weekend in November. If a team wins the first weekend, they will progress to the Championship game (Superbowl) the third weekend in November.
Uniform and equipment collection will begin as soon as the regular season games end. Normally these are scheduled during the practice time of the teams that make the playoffs.