Football Registration

We communicate through TeamSnap. Once you register, you will be able to access your child’s information through the TeamSnap app. Please make sure to download the app to your phone or mobile device. You may also access it at

Download these helpful guides.

Expectations of Football Parents

Football Survival Guide

What do I really need?

Mouth guard with a strap. Please make sure it is boiled and molded to your player’s mouth prior to the first practice. If they are too big- trim them with scissors.
Shirt to be worn under shoulder pads. Having a dry-fit shirt will help to wick away the moisture.
An integrated girdle. This will have the tail pads, thigh pads, hip and knee pads built in. This is helpful in not having to switch pads after every practice and game.

What is beneficial to have?

Short sleeved or sleeveless dry fit shirt to wear under your shoulder pads while the weather is warm.
Long sleeved shirt to wear under your shoulder pads once the weather gets cold. This needs to keep them warm but not be so bulky that they can’t move.
A cheap pair of stretchy knit gloves once the weather gets cold. Hands will get cold standing by the end of the season. Buy them out of the dollar bin in case they are misplaced or left at the field. These, however, should not be worn on the field. Only receiver gloves will be allowed during play.

What should I bring to practice?


What to Wear?

Practice 1 ,2 & 3 helmet and mouthpiece, cleats, shorts and practice jersey with a t-shirt (practice set) underneath

Practice 4 & 5 same as practice 1, 2 & 3 but you will add shoulder pads (dry-fit shirts are best to wear under shoulder pads)

Practice 6-the end of the season will be full pads

Cleats-Practice 1-5 also
Helmet, mouthpiece, chinstrap-Practice 1-5 also
Practice jersey (this will be the jersey that is primarily mesh)-Practice 1-5 also
Shoulder pads-Practice 4 & 5 also
Practice pants with 7 leg pads (these may be individual pads or a girdle)
2 hip pads, threaded through the belt (these are the odd shaped pad)
1 tail pad (skinny pad)
2 thigh pads (wider oval shaped pad)
2 knee pads (smaller oval shaped pad-narrow side up), these must be added into practice pads even if your player wears an integrated girdle.
Socks (may be any white, orange or black (pink during October) and may be a knee sock or short sock
Having your own water is helpful, but should be kept with the player not the parent. Once the weather gets cold, the boys need to be careful to not get wet when using the water horse. A water bottle with a bent straw or able to be squirted works best because then they do not have to remove their helmet.

Practice Schedule

The field closest to the Little Tigers Building is field one; the east field (the one farthest from the building and next to the RP Lumber ice rink) is field two.

Prior to team splits, your player should report to the far side of field one by the sign with their appropriate age group. After team splits, your team will be assigned a field location as posted on the website

Players will also be picked up from the same location they report to. You will need to go to that location to pick up your child, they will not be allowed to leave the field and go to you.

Please always have your player ready (pads and helmet on) fifteen (15) minutes prior to the start of practice. Warm-ups start promptly at practice time and the coaching staff needs to start that-not strap up equipment.

It is helpful for Tykes parents to remain at practice because they are young and unsure. It takes away from coaching time if they have to also run players to the restroom or help at drink break.



Practice will be Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 6-8PM (6-7:30PM for Tykes)
Saturday from 8-10AM (8-9:30AM for Tykes)
Some teams will stop Wednesday night practices after school begins, but that is the coach’s decision.
September, October, November

Practice will be Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 6-8PM (6-7:30PM for Tykes) once games begin.

Some teams may change their practice date or time if there is a school conflict, prediction of poor weather or other factors determined by your coaching staff. Your coach or team manager will relay that to you for that week.


White jerseys are worn for away games.
Black jerseys are worn for home games.
Black game pants must have all 7 pads.
Mouthpiece must be worn.
Players must weigh in prior to EACH game. Weigh in starts promptly at 1 HOUR PRIOR to game time.
A coach may request that the opposing team begin their weigh in process as soon as 60 Minutes before the scheduled start time. Any player that is not present at the time of the weigh in request WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE TO PLAY UNTIL HALF TIME PER LEAGUE RULES. There are no exceptions to the rule. Players must have their jersey and helmet at weigh in time. Those weighing over the accepted weight limit for their age division must display a stripe on their helmet for that game. Players with a stripe are limited to the 5 lineman positions. A player’s stripe may be added or removed from game to game depending on weight. An increase will be added to the weight limit for that age division per league rules.

Volunteer Requirements

Each family is required to complete volunteer hours for the club.
Opportunities include chain gang, taking pictures at games, video taping games, announcing games, writing game summaries for the newspaper, tracking play counts, working at or setting up special events such as weigh in, Friday Night Lights, Orange and Black Scrimmage and Cheer Fest.
These will be coordinated and tracked by your team manager.
Failure to complete your volunteer hours will result the loss of your $100 preseason deposit.
Volunteer opportunities will be communicated and coordinated through your team manager. Once the teams are split for the season your team will be assigned a team manager. Additional opportunities may arise throughout the season from the club as a whole, not just your team.

Summary of Events


In Person Registration – May 1st & May 21st
Football Mini Camp – May 15th


Mini Camp for Football & Cheer – June 25th


Equipment pick up — player must be present (Please bring a $100 deposit — cash or check!)
Practices BEGIN!!!


Tuesday (6PM-8PM; 6-7:30 Tykes)
Wednesday (6PM-8PM; 6-7:30 Tykes)
Thursday (6PM-8PM; 6-7:30 Tykes)
Saturday (8AM-10AM) Practice (Some teams will chose to discontinue Wednesday night practice once school begins).

Friday Night Lights
Typically the second or third Friday in August
Fun family pep rally
This is open to the entire family. Teams will be announced at this time.

Orange and Black Scrimmage
Typically the third or fourth Friday in August
This will be the first opportunity to see your player in their full uniform and playing a game situation. This will take place on the High School field. There will be scrimmage matches between each Little Tigers age division, the middle schools, and all the high school teams.

Official Weigh In
Each football player must attend an official weigh in that is conducted by Tri County Football.
Typically, this is on the third or fourth Saturday in August and takes place at the high school wrestling center after Saturday morning practice.

ANY PLAYER NOT ATTENDING THIS DAY MUST ATTEND THE MAKE UP SESSION (usually on a week night in Belleville). Failure to make an official weigh in makes the player ineligible to participate.


Games begin
There will be 9 games (some teams may have a bye week).
Games will be played on Saturday or Sunday
We are a member of Tri-County Football League.
This is a competitive league, but all kids will play at least 8 plays per game.

Annual Tiger Fundraiser
This is our main fundraiser of the year. It is a fun, adult only event.


Little Tigers will participate in the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. The football players and cheerleaders will be allowed to accessorize the uniform with “pink items” during this month. Details about such items will come out in September.

EHS Homecoming Parade
Little Tigers participates in the high school homecoming parade. This is usually on a Wednesday evening. We will attempt to get as many kids on trailers as possible.
Halloween Parade
Little Tigers participates in the Annual Edwardsville Halloween Parade.


Games will conclude the first weekend of November.
Teams that qualify will begin playoffs the second weekend in November. If a team wins the first weekend, they will progress to the Championship game (Superbowl) the third weekend in November.
Uniform and equipment collection will begin as soon as the regular season games end. Normally these are scheduled during the practice time of the teams that make the playoffs.

Complaints/ Resolution of Issues

Concerns should first go through the head coach.
If the problem remains unresolved the head coach and athletic director will attempt to reach a resolution.
Any issue that continues to remain unresolved will be brought to the full Board of Directors.

Code of Conduct

All participants and parents have signed a waiver stating the club’s expectations.
Support your child and no coaching from the sideline.
Adhere to our code of conduct and set a good example for the kids.
No use of profanity, screaming at other teams or other unsportsmanlike conduct.
Fighting in the stands is not tolerated and will result in you being asked to leave and not attend future games.

Policies for Tiger Country

No parking in the grass or next to the curb on Tiger Drive. This applies to all practices and games. Please use the parking lot on the west side or parking spaces on the east side of Edwardsville High School.
We are on District 7 property, please abide by the following guidelines:
Pick up your trash. It is our responsibility to leave the fields in the same or better condition than we receive them.
No tobacco products including cigarettes and electronic cigarettes.
No drugs or alcohol.
No pets.

Additional Information

It is encouraged to take your player out to our high school football games. Little Tigers players wearing their jersey to home games will get in free. This does not apply to playoff games. All in attendance at playoff games will be charged the regular admission price per IHSA rules. Players are also encouraged to wear their jersey to school on Fridays. We ask that you emphasize to your player that anytime they are wearing their jersey they are representing Little Tigers Football and should conduct themselves accordingly. Players are to wear their home jersey if the High School is at home and their away jersey if the High School plays away. We will announce this at Thursday’s practice.

Football is played in all weather condition excluding lightning and heavy rain/snow. You should prepare yourself and your player for the variety of playing conditions that they will encounter. August will be a sizzler, you will need to make sure to hydrate your child and October and November can be freezing, will need to make sure they are dressed for the elements.

Your team will be assigned a team manager. They should be able to help you with most questions throughout the season. Make sure that your contact information that they have is current. You will receive at least one email per week from them. This will contain information such as game time, game location, arrival time, and volunteers for the week. It is important to check your email for updates from the club and your team manager frequently.  All communication is done through TeamSnap. Make sure to download the app after you register.

We will have first aid at each practice located in or near the equipment room. Injuries and minor health issues will be referred to first aid.

The concession stand will be open during practices and games. Most practice nights there will be some type of grill item in addition to drinks, nachos and candy.

Check the website for updates.

Questions to the club can be addressed at