Little Tigers uses TeamSnap for our club communication.  Emails, text messages and website updates are ran through TeamSnap.

Here are some tips for making TeamSnap work for you.

If you don't see an answer to your question here, please click on the TeamSnap logo to the right to go to their website and visit their Help & Support Center, FAQ or contact them directly.

Please Note All Information is From TeamSnap: Clicking the link in each tab will take you to the TeamSnap link (which frequently also has a video or additional information)
Adding Text Messaging to Your Account

Text Messages

Although you can opt to receive alerts as text messages, we recommend that our iOS customers opt to receive alerts as push notifications. Receiving text messages instead of push notifications currently requires turning off all push notifications. NOTE: Turning off all push notifications includes disabling notifications for games updates, etc.

To disable push notifications on your iOS mobile device: 

  1. Tap Settings 
  2. Locate and tap TeamSnap in app list
  3. Tap Notifications
  4. Tap to toggle Allow Notifications switch off 

To enable text messaging:

  1. Log into TeamSnap and select team
  2. Tap/click Roster tab
  3. Tap/click player name
  4. Tap/click Edit button 
  5. Tap/click phone number field
  6. Enter number, or skip if number is already entered
  7. Tap/click to toggle Alerts switch/checkbox on
  8. Tap/click Carrier Select (iOS)/Mobile Phone Provider list (Web) and choose your service provider from the list
  9. Tap/click Save



PLEASE NOTE:  TeamSnap texts cannot accept direct replies. The number of the ‘sender’ is included at the end of the text. Please use this number to generate a direct text for replies.

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